Wondering what's been changed on this website? Find out here!

Activity Log entries written by E.J. Yu.

January 18, 2020

• Made changes to the Home and About tabs in an attempt to prevent nested sidebars from appearing.
• Drastically improved the website's loading times. Reduced file sizes by 63% and replaced oversized images with smaller, compressed ones.
• Updated the video request form located in the More tab.
• Added attributions to open-source resources in the info page for this website.
• Performed unscheduled maintenance to ensure that the website is up, running, and well!

August 25, 2019

• Corrected grammatical errors and formatting issues throughout the website.
• Improved the website's loading times.
• Fixed an issue that prevented select images from loading.

August 25, 2019

• A footer with a small font size has been added to the bottom of the Welcome tab's greeting card, for the purpose of helping certain visitors find E.J. Yu's personal website more easily.
• The Featured page's content has been padded in order to maintain consistency with design across the entire website.
• The E.J. Yu website has been completely reworked. Enjoy a much more modern and colorful design!
• General website improvements: refining the website's smaller details.

July 21, 2019

Minor content revisions have been made to the E.J. Yu website, ejyu.epicepix.com.

• Revised previous Activity Log entries for clarity.
• Finished separating all of the "E.J. Yu" content (non-EpicEpix content) from the main EpicEpix site. The new website containing some of E.J. Yu's content may now be accessed through an external link located in the More tab. It may also be accessed by visiting the following URL: www.EJYu.EpicEpix.com

July 19, 2019

• Reworked the About tab. Unnecessary elements have been removed, and a short bio about EpicEpix has finally been written.

• Reworked the Videos tab. Simplified the Featured page and made it somewhat easier to locate the button that shows all videos.
• The Twitter feed for @EpicEpix can now be accessed via the right panel flyout. (Tap or click on the arrow at the top-right corner of the Videos tab to reveal the embedded Twitter feed.)
• Removed most of the "E.J. Yu" content from the EpicEpix website. (Planning to make a new, separate website for said content. Note that this "E.J. Yu" content refers to all things related to the E.J. Yu YouTube channel. EpicEpix-related content are not affected.)
• Reworked the More tab. A cleaner layout now exists.

• Renamed Website Changelog to Activity Log.
• Cleared all changelog entries.

Started rebuilding the EpicEpix website.